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Molten Salt Research Reactor

Natura Resources decided from the beginning to start small and focus efforts on the development of a university research reactor. As a result, the MSRR is now one of the leading advanced reactor projects in the nation and should be one of the first advanced reactors to demonstrate successful licensure with the NRC and commence operations. Natura’s commercial line of liquid-fueled molten salt reactors will be built upon the foundation established by the revolutionary MSRR project.

The MSRR Project is Rapidly Moving Forward

Natura Resources, LLC, brought together Abilene Christian UniversityTexas A&M UniversityThe University of Texas at Austin and The Georgia Institute of Technology to form the Natura Resources Research Alliance, a revolutionary partnership between public and private universities and private industry.  The Natura Resources Research Alliance was established to design, build, and license the first-ever Molten Salt Research Reactor (MSRR) and the first university research reactor of any kind in the last 30 years.

The Science and Engineering Research Center (SERC)

The Science and Engineering Research Center (SERC) at Abilene Christian University (ACU) is a multi-use facility that will be home to both the NEXT Lab and the MSRR.

Features of the Science and Engineering Research Center (SERC)

Construction began in March of 2022 and is scheduled to be complete in July of 2023.

This world-class facility will be an integral part of the continued development of advanced reactor technology.